Healing Brings Joy

The high and ever increasing costs of medical bills, healthcare insurance and the like indicates that a person will pay whatever price necessary for good health. What is all the wealth in the world to a man if his failing heart renders him incapable of enjoying the fruits of his labor? The award-winning French comedy-drama, The Intouchables, warmed our hearts to the core because of its cheery depiction of the true story of Philippe, an immensely wealthy man, paralyzed by a paragliding accident and sentenced to spend the rest of his days in a wheelchair, aided by servants in a mansion full of luxuries he was unable to even enjoy. But then as the story unfolds, in comes an unruly yet intriguing personality in the character of Driss who in the end cultivates a lasting friendship with Philippe, and teaches him that despite your frail physical health, an enriching life was still attainable even for a man confined to a wheelchair.

Not even the hardest of hearts can read the remarkable passage presented in Matthew 8 sincerely without having their hearts warmed, comforted, and softened by the person of Jesus. In this passage, we are met with Jesus the ultimate Healer who turns no sick soul away. In verse 2 a leper comes worshipping and Jesus touches him and heals him. In verse 5, a centurion beseeches Christ on behalf of his sick servant, and Jesus speaks a word and heals the servant. In verse 14, Jesus comes into Peter’s house and sees his ailing mother, and cures her fever by touching her hand. Further into the passage in verse 28 we get the peculiar account of the mad man of Gadara who was spiritually sick, tormented by a legion of demons, and who was also healed by Jesus.

One thing I found most fascinating about this passage was not the individual miracles themselves, but the basic fact that not one person who came to Jesus was turned away. I dare you to read and reread the passage a hundred times and to single out a case of a sick soul who was rejected by Christ. Jesus in this passage holds true to his words in John 6:37: “Everyone the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will never cast out.” Poor physical health renders useless all material wealth, leaving us like Philippe incapable of even enjoying all the luxuries money can afford.

As humans we have a sickness much more serious than the severest of cancers. It is a spiritual cancer called sin, which is eating away at our spiritual health and robbing us of joy and peace, rendering us incapable of even enjoying all that God has blessed us with. Let us go to Jesus, the ultimate Healer. Let us come in droves in our sick condition, for he will in no way cast us away. He bore our infirmities and our sickness on the cross not necessarily that we might be physically healed. That  is a far easier healing that pales in comparison to the true healing from the disease of sin.

I know there are some out there who like Philippe are in great discomfort, and in poor physical condition and can’t see how it is even possible to have an enriching life. But like Driss, in Jesus you have a friend who will teach you that it is possible even in your poor physical condition that an enriching life is still attainable. Unlike the unruly nature of Driss, Jesus is the gentle friend who comes that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Despite what physical ailments we may have, let us understand that the more severe ailment is our sin, and let us come to Jesus, our ultimate Healer who will never cast us away.


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