Being objective about Christianity

When a person, for the first time begins to put aside their biases, prejudgments, and misconceptions, and undertakes an objective examination of the claims put forth by Christianity, consulting authoritative sources and doing everything in their power to truly understand what Christianity is really about, what a person finds in the end is an indisputable message that accounts for all of life. Religion is an attempt to answer the big mystery which is life. What is life? Why are we here? Doubtless many other religions come close to an answer. There is much wisdom and sense contained in the sacred pages of other religious text. But in math there is only one right answer and many ways of working out the problem might get you close. Likewise, when we set up the equation, life equals “x”, and undertake a process by which to solve this greatest mystery, many  answers that religions provide will come close to the right answer. But on the most consequential of points, Christianity stands in stark contrast to all other religions. It is at this main point, that other religions turn in the wrong direction. In solving a math problem, one wrong turn is all that is needed to reach an incorrect answer. The problem ought to be solved correctly on all scores from beginning to end or else there can be no right answer.

Those who have allowed themselves the blessing of believing in Christianity have found day by day the truth of its message being confirmed. It becomes so obvious that a person becomes dumbfounded at how he or she could’ve believed anything else. In Matthew 13:13-15, Jesus Christ diagnoses why still many resist the truth of Christianity. “They’re hearts have waxed gross”. “They’re ears are dull of hearing”. “They’re eyes they have closed”. Unbelievers like believers come from all classes of society. There are members of the elite who believe in Christianity and who do not. There are people of poverty who believe in Christianity and who do not. Christianity does NOT contain an  inherent exclusive quality which restricts it to particular groups of people. There are people of tremendous diversity and differences who share in common their belief in Christianity. The problem with people rejecting Christianity is an ardent attempt on the part of the individual to resist the truth of its message. People sit in church , hear a powerful sermon, are unable to find any inconsistencies in the logic of the message, yet will leave the service with no intention of practicing what they heard. People find themselves tossed about in the storms of life, cry out to God for help, and after help arrives forget all about the Helper. People find in themselves a great emptiness which they attempt to fill in various ways but continually refuse to admit to themselves how unsatisfied they still are. Indeed, I begin to see how fair a day of judgment will be. God, having done everything in His power to tell us the truth, from the beauty of creation to the message of the cross, has freed Himself from all blame if we in exercising our free will choose to harden our hearts, dull our ears, and close our eyes to the loud, clear and undeniable message of Christianity.


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